The mechanics


  • 1,5 mm breathable airprene
  • 2 mm primaskin section
  • High rising on the back
  • Stretchable net on the legs
  • No stitching at the end (material does not shift and prevents scratches)
  • Shortest leg length for those who prefer minimal leg coverage


These shorts are made of 1.5 mm breathable Airprene material that allows your skin to breath and prevents the feeling of overheating. Carefully designed body-hugging shape for best comfort and performance and a high rising on the back helps to keep the lower back and kidney area warm. Pair them with an AIR BRA, AIR TOP, AIR LONG SHIRT or our FLOWER SHADE SHIRT for the best performance on the water.


PLEASE NOTE:  Sizing is eurpoean.  You will typically go up 1 size for NZ or Australian sizing (EU size Small = NZ/AU Medium).  PLEASE REFER TO SIZE CHART shown under 'How to measure?'.

Standout Air Shorts (Shorter length) - Ladies

  • Airprene:

    In our search for the right materials that could give the human body the right balance between cool and warm, we came across the Airprene material. This is basically a 1,5mm thick perforated neoprene and its main feature is breathability. Due to its perforations through the rubber line it achieves a much higher moisture transpiration, which means a cooler feeling on your body than a regular non perforated neoprene with the same thickness. Another great feature of the Airprene is the heat transpiration effect, when the muscles heat up because of the physical activity. The holes in the material give it also a higher stretch ability without loosing any strength of the fabric.

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