Universal bottle holds for your kayak or canoe. Equipped with 4 powerful suction cups that provide safe and many options for placement. 

ODS have spent a long time developing this holder to get the most out of it.

Do you fumble and look around for your bottle at the bottom of the kayak/canoe, here is the solution. You now know exactly where the bottle is located, either mounted on the front or rear deck as it best suits you.


The bottle holder can be used in many other places, for example: Car, Boat, Canoe and fits turkeyjak, sea kayak, kayaking and fishing kayak.


Note that the bottle is not included


The bracket is designed to fit almost all standard bottle holders for bicycles. So you have a favorite holder, it can easily be mounted.


The bottle holder supplied is made of aluminum for low weight and can hold most bicycle bottles.

The bracket is made of CNC controlled cutting machine and aluminum for low weight and resistant to salt water.

Have a good and safe trip. Now, look no further for the bottle. 


NB:  Paddletech advise that whilst this is a strong quality secure suction cup it is still recommended that you use a lanyard or similar attached to a secondary point on canoe/board/kayak in case of product being knocked and unlodged.

ODS Bottle Mount

$55.00 Regular Price
$27.50Sale Price