What is DolfinPack?


The DolfinPack was born out of a need. A need for a high quality, lightweight, durable, hydration system without all the fluff. We trimmed the fat, the pockets, the bulk plastic & metal fittings. Our goal was simple, to create the most lightweight, form-fitting, and all-weather proof pack on the market and we achieved just that.


After we debuted our original DolfinPack in 2014, we received amazing positive feedback, but also some negative complaints. So we went back to the drawing board and re-designed the 2015, version 2.0 DolfinPack, taking both the positive and negative feedback to continue to improve on our world class product.

Prominent Features

  • 100% Waterproof – The DolfinPack is meant to be submerged, take it anywhere!
  • Lightweight – Guaranteed to be the lightest Hydration Backpack on the market.
  • High Quality Manufacturing – We use only the highest quality materials in our manufacturing including military grade velcro.
  • 1.5 Liter BPA Free Reservoir – Easy on/off valve to prevent leakage, dust cap, and neoprene hose insulator included. Wide mouth opening with handle for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Patent Pending Design – Our strap system is guaranteed to provide the tightest fit of any hydration pack on the market. No more bouncing or movement to distract you.
  • One Size Fits Most – Our strap system allows the DolfinPack to be one size fits most. This includes men & women as well! It will even fit kids but may be a little looser if they are under 90lbs.
  • Extra Room For Goodies – While we did ditch the unnecessary pockets, we realize that you may want to bring a car key with you, some money, maybe even a phone. Therefore the main pocket area that holds the reservoir has some extra wiggle room for your necessities. Our goal is still to be the most lightweight pack on the planet, but the essentials will have a home. **Note that we highly recommend putting any other items in a waterproof bag prior to adding them to the pack.

DolfinPack - Navy/Lime Green

$99.95 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • Neoprene Pack

    Avoid direct sunlight when not in use! When you’re done using your DolfinPack, don’t throw it in the bed of your truck, hang it to dry over your balcony railing, etc.. Rinse your pack out (as noted in #2) and then hang to dry in a shady place (garage, shower, etc.).

    Rinse the pack thoroughly after every use with freshwater. The DolfinPack is waterproof, use it to your advantage! A good rinse with freshwater will prevent damaging saltwater from effecting the pack.
    To extend the life of your DolfinPack, pick up some wetsuit cleaner / shampoo and give it a good rinse every now and then.

    Do not wash the DolfinPack in the washer / dryer. Doing so will void all warranties.




    Internal Bladder

    The most effective way to keep your internal hydration bladder clean is to wash it by hand after each use. Our wide openings allow you to easily reach your entire arm in the bladder to give it a thorough clean. Use a mild soap and clean with warm water. For really dirty bladders, let the soap sit for 30 minutes then rinse with cool water.


    If after rinsing thoroughly with a mild soap your hydration bladder is still dirty or moldy, there is still hope! Bust out two tablespoons of baking soda or a little chlorine and add it to the bladder with warm water. Let stand for thirty minutes and then wash the bladder again by hand with warm water and mild soap. Your bladder should now be clean. It is important to let the bladder dry overnight with the cap off so no moisture is left in the bladder that could turn into mold.

  • Winner of Multiple Awards:

    Winner of the Hydration Anywhere “Best Running Hydration Pack” – View

    Also featured on SUP Magazine as a Top Hydration Pack of 2015 – View


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