Increases circulation and blood flow to your calf muscles to help promote muscle efficiency and minimise muscle fatigue. Liquid Titanium permanently infused into the fabric for the added benefit of ‘far-infrared’ (FIR) wave technology. Calf muscle mapping provides a formfitting, shape-stretch design for superior muscle support and stability. Wide elastic non-slip hem for comfort and to ensure these socks stay where you need them during intense activity. Non-stitch fused seams in the ankles to avoid fraying and provide a firmer fit for comfort. Inbuilt wicking technology for quick drying, anti-bacterial for hygiene, reflection logos for safety, and SPF50+ for full sun protection.

Compression R-Series Calf Socks - CLEARANCE

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Colours: Black
  • Sharkskin is a technical apparel range that includes a unique performance compression range suited to the harshest of environments – on land and in the water.

    The Sharkskin R-Series Compression range not only uses ‘form fitting’ design to help increase blood circulation and provide extra support and efficiency to muscles but has the unique addition of Liquid Titanium technology. This innovation is a result of titanium nano-particles being permanently infused into the fabric’s actual thread. The technology creates the ability to produce ‘far-infrared’ (FIR) radiation from the athletes own body heat. The result is a ‘double-up’ of benefits – compression plus FIR radiation, for an extra boost in performance and an increase in muscle recovery far beyond what normal compression garments can offer.

    The Sharkskin R-Series Compression range’s design and fit has evolved with the assistance of the Cronulla Sharks NRL team, Sharkskin ambassadors (all leaders in their respective fields), and one of the most extreme athletes in the world – Damien Rider.

    Sharkskin R-Series Compression wear is one of the most comfortable, quick drying, robust and performance enhancing compression ranges available on the market. It is suitable for a wide range of uses including hard paddling and gym sessions, underneath a wetsuit for performance and added warmth, or for the rigours of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) and other extreme fitness activities.

    Take your performance to the next level with the world’s most advanced compression wear.